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Unlock the full potential of your sales force with Futurum AI – the smartest, most cost-effective generative AI on the market.

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Non-AI-Assisted Salespeople are redundant. Revolutionise your sales processes with AI to stay ahead of the curve.

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Why You

Personalisation at ScaleYou, the SDR, are the linchpin of the sales process, initiating the crucial first touch. Futurum empowers you to personalise outreach at scale with advanced variables, ensuring every lead feels uniquely engaged.

Best Practices at Your FingertipsWith Futurum's Global Prompt Marketplace, you have immediate access to a repository of successful strategies and prompts, curated from top performers across industries, to enhance your sales playbook.

Streamlined Sales Processes
Managers and team leaders, Futurum offers you the ability to oversee and optimise your team's workflow with prompt templates and folders, ensuring best practices are easily shared and adopted.

Data-Driven Decisions
Data teams, Futurum is your partner in ensuring the SDRs work with high-quality, enriched data, providing them with the insights needed to target the right prospects at the right time.

Stay Better

Why Now

Competitive EdgeIn today's fast-paced market, the difference between closing a sale and losing a prospect can come down to timing and relevance. Futurum gives you the edge by equipping you with the tools to act swiftly and effectively.

Adapting to the Digital ShiftAs sales interactions increasingly move online, leveraging AI like Futurum ensures you're meeting prospects where they are, with the right message, at the right time.

Efficiency Imperative
With remote work becoming more common, the need for digital tools that drive productivity is more pressing than ever. Futurum's quick onboarding and training capabilities mean your team can hit the ground running and stay ahead.

Data OverloadThe volume of data available to sales teams is overwhelming. Futurum helps you cut through the noise, ensuring data teams provide actionable insights, not just information.


Becoming Better

Adopting AI-Enhanced ProcessesInitiate the transformation by adopting Futurum's AI-enhanced sales processes. This involves understanding and implementing the suite of tools provided by Futurum, such as the Global Prompt Marketplace, to refine your sales approach.

Leveraging Prompt TemplatesUtilise Futurum's prompt templates to standardise and expedite the creation of outreach communications. These templates can be customised for various sales scenarios, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your team's outreach efforts.

Organising for SuccessStructure your sales development process by organising your prompts and strategies into Futurum's folder system. This allows for easy access and ensures that SDRs can quickly find the most effective prompts for any given sales situation.

Accelerated Onboarding and Skill DevelopmentImplement Futurum's prompt templates as a foundational tool for onboarding new SDRs. The templates serve as practical guides for best practices, helping new team members to quickly learn and apply effective sales tactics.

Data-Driven Strategy RefinementEncourage your data team to use insights from Futurum to identify trends and patterns that can refine lead targeting and engagement strategies. This continuous loop of feedback and improvement helps in fine-tuning your sales processes.

Iterative Process ImprovementEmbrace an iterative approach to process improvement by regularly reviewing the effectiveness of different prompts and strategies. Use Futurum's analytics to inform and evolve your sales processes, ensuring they remain dynamic and responsive to changing market conditions.

Better Cultures

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

Collaborative Learning Environment
Encourage SDRs to regularly share their most effective prompts and communication strategies in team meetings or through a shared digital platform. This not only promotes a sense of community but also ensures that all team members benefit from individual successes.

Recognition and RewardImplement a system of recognition that publicly acknowledges the efforts and successes of SDRs who contribute high-performing prompts or innovative strategies to the Global Prompt Marketplace. This could take the form of leaderboards, awards, or incentives, which can motivate SDRs to strive for excellence and contribute to the collective knowledge base.
Knowledge Sharing SessionsSchedule regular sessions where SDRs can present case studies of successful interactions or share insights gained from using Futurum. These sessions can be invaluable for less experienced team members, providing them with real-world examples of how to navigate various sales scenarios.
Mentorship ProgramsPair less experienced SDRs with veterans who have demonstrated success in using Futurum's AI tools. This mentorship can help newer team members quickly adapt to the culture of excellence and learn best practices in a supportive one-on-one setting.
Continuous Feedback LoopsCreate structured feedback loops where SDRs can give and receive constructive feedback on their use of prompts and strategies. This can be facilitated by Futurum's analytics, which provide objective data on performance.
Innovation WorkshopsOrganise workshops or hackathons where SDRs can experiment with creating new prompt templates or custom variables. This not only spurs innovation but also empowers SDRs to take ownership of the sales process and feel invested in the continuous improvement of the team.
Leadership InvolvementEnsure that leadership is actively involved in using and promoting Futurum. When leaders exemplify the use of AI tools and support their teams in leveraging these resources, it reinforces the value of these tools and the culture of excellence.
Professional Development OpportunitiesOffer opportunities for SDRs to attend industry conferences, webinars, or training sessions that can provide them with new insights and skills to bring back to the team. This demonstrates a commitment to individual growth and to staying at the forefront of sales development practices.

By embedding these practices into the fabric of the sales team's operations, Futurum becomes a catalyst for a culture of excellence that drives performance, fosters innovation, and maintains a competitive edge in the market.

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Sales Revolution Proposal

Elevate Your Sales GameUnlock the full potential of your sales force with Futurum AI – the smartest, most cost-effective generative AI on the market.
Investment Snapshot:£100 per FTE
– Company-wide adoption
– Full feature access
– Annual flat rate
OpenAI API Fees
– Pay-as-you-go
– Directly tied to usage
– Complete transparency

Why Futurum AI?
Unmatched Value
– Significant savings over sales tool subscriptions
– Tailored for enterprise-wide efficiency
Scalable Costs
– Your usage dictates the cost
– Grow smartly without fixed overheads
Cutting-Edge Tools
– Global Prompt Marketplace
– Customisable templates
– Organisational ease with folders

Getting Started:Seamless Integration
– Quick onboarding
– Intuitive training
– Immediate productivity boost
Continuous Support
– Dedicated assistance
– Regular updates
– Ongoing development opportunities

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